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Willkommen bei WSDS (World Safety Diving Standards)

As a versatile nature sport, diving is practised worldwide with its wide-ranging interests in all oceans and diveable freshwaters. Many manufacturers, distribution systems, instructors and organisations around the world offer a high level of safety and sustainability.

The WSDS (World Safety Diving Standards), as an international organization, is particularly engaged in the recognition of diving on a public level and for contemporary, comparable international safety standards and uncomplicated lists of equivalence based on the EN-ISO standards.

It is a special intention of the WSDS to make these standards available to all official institutions responsible for diving tourism – especially in the fields of diving safety, environmental and biodiversity protection in terms of sustainability. In close contact with all, the WSDS serves the forward-looking development of diving. For its members, it is a mediator, supporter and protagonist in the interests of international diving.

Organizations that are involved in the underwater world with their business or voluntary activities should commit themselves to a common future of diving, because diving needs a common international voice that pursues the interests of diving and does also push forward the protection of the hydrosphere and their inhabitants.

Dr. Friedrich Naglschmid – President of WSDS International


Sichere Ausbildungs Richtlinien sind für alle Tauchverbände wichtig. Der WSDS ist Unterstützer und Protagonist im Internationalen Tauchsport mit Bildungsauftrag.



WSDS Sicherheitsrichtlinien bieten allen Verbänden eine Internationale Anerkennung Ihre Ausbildungs Standards

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